20 Ways for the ketogenic Diet for Beginners

For those of you who are confused looking for what type of diet method is very suitable for your body and your body’s health, there are lots of very effective diet choices. But of all types of diets that exist, there is one type of diet that is currently very popular with the public, namely the ketogenic diet. Besides being very easy to do by anyone, this one diet is a very pleasant diet.

How to use the Ketogenic Diet

Because what we consume is different from other diets whose menus are arguably less tasty, this one diet menu is very delicious besides the method is very easy. And for those of you who are confused about how to use the ketogenic diet, here are easy ways.

1. Pay Attention to First Health

Because the ketogenic diet is different from other types of diet methods, you are required to pay attention to your health first. You can consult with your doctor first to find out how your body is doing when you want to go on this one diet. Because basically, the ketofastosis diet is more suitable for people who have normal health and have never experienced any chronic diseases. (Also Read: How to Natural Diet)

Also before you start this diet, look for a lot of important information and the right methods and find out how this diet will change your body. That way you will be better prepared with the results of the ketogenic diet, whether your body has really changed drastically or not depends on the information that you got before.

2. Calculate the Amount of Fat in the Ketogenic Diet

Maybe you don’t pay too much attention to the number of calories in your body during the diet, even though when you go on a diet you already have a large portion of the diet containing fat. For most normal people including you, the amount of fat and protein will be enough to make you full and naturally it will make your body experience a calorie deficit.

Actually not everyone is normal so there are many hormonal, endocrine and deficient problems that are influenced by the amount of body fat that we have to take into account. That way you also cannot always lose your weight by consuming large or even small amounts of fat with maximum body expenditure. So you have to take into account the amount of fat you consume must be equal to and equal to the combustion process that is on your body, to find out you can download some fat counters or even by visiting various body fat counting sites.

3. Pay attention to the composition of the meal

When you go on this diet, you must always remember and rely on the amount of fat, protein and carbohydrates that you must consume. Remember that the ketogenic diet is a type of diet that consumes high-fat foods, moderate protein and is very low in carbohydrates. You can refer to the nutritional percentage of the ketogenic diet, which is: about 70% fat, 25% protein and 5% carbohydrate. Usually for some types of diets between 20-30g of clean carbohydrates, it is recommended to eat a daily diet, but the lower the carbohydrate intake and the glucose level you consume, the better the overall results. If you do ketogenic to lower your body, you should track your total carbohydrate and your net carbohydrates, and remember that protein must always be consumed as needed by filling in the fat in the rest of your calories.

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4. Consumption of Green Vegetables.

The next way to use the Ketogenic Diet is to consume green vegetables. Vegetables that have green or dark green and leafy are the best choices as a food menu that supports the ketogenic diet that you live. Green vegetables have a low water content but high fiber and very easy to digest the body and is very good for health.

Also remember that most of the food you have to consume must be a body protein with vegetables and high-yield fats. You can choose a stir-fried vegetable menu with olive oil or butter and then add steak or seafood such as shrimp or salmon slices. It will make you more appetite for your ketogenic diet.

5. Start with the Light Way

The next way to run the ketogenic diet is to start a diet in a mild way first, namely by starting a little by avoiding foods that you should not consume. Actually the basic thing before running any diet including the ketogenic diet is to recognize the purpose of the diet that you will do. Choose which diet is suitable for your body and health. If you feel uncomfortable with the diet you live in, it is likely that a yo-yo diet will occur. That is a condition where your body weight experiences an ups and downs unstable, or you can start from the lightest steps such as reducing eating rice, noodles, or bread and increasing the portion of fat in your food.

6. Limit Food

As you know, when running a ketogenic diet foods that have high carbohydrate levels must be limited. If you are still confused, here is a list of foods that must be reduced or eliminated on the ketogenic diet, which is foods that contain lots of sugar. grains and starches, fruits, nuts, vegetables, unhealthy fats, and alcohol.

7. Drink Lots of Water

For those of you who are on a ketogenic diet, to speed up the fat burning process and avoid the process of binding fat to your blood, then you are advised to drink plenty of water regularly. At least in a day you are required to drink as much as 2 to 3 liters per day. The type of water that is good in addition to ordinary mineral water is the type of alkaline water (example: 2 tsp baking soda + 1 liter of water). Besides consuming lots of water, it is highly recommended to help increase blood ph and also suppress inflammation that may occur in the body.

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8. Set Diet

In order for the ketogenic diet that you live to succeed, then you have to set your eating pattern correctly every day at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Calculate the levels of fat, protein and carbohydrates in each portion of your meal, do not get more or less. You can make different food menus every day by benchmarking the amount of nutrients on your ketogenic diet. Different and varied food menus will make your diet process not boring. So that besides being successful and effective, the diet process that you live will be even more enjoyable.

9. Pay attention to the amount of protein intake

The next Ketogenic Diet method is to pay attention to the amount of protein intake that enters. This is an aspect of the ketogenic diet that is most often overlooked. When removing carbohydrates from food, it’s easy to replace them with protein. It is important to remember that the percentage of protein consumed will be converted to glucose as energy, so high protein foods will not support the success of your ketogenik. Every day you have to look for your protein target and must be sure you won’t consume it excessively. That is, about 25% less is actually not a big problem, but if you hold a protein target every day, you will experience a consistent ketogenic diet.

10. Avoid Foods with High Salt Levels

For those of you who are on a ketogenic diet, pay attention to choosing your food. Pay attention to the salt content contained in it. The higher the salt content in your food, the better you avoid it.

Because the salt content in your food can bind your body’s fat so it will slow down the fat burning process in your body. So it will be difficult to lose your weight efficiently. This can cause severe failure of your Ketogenik diet.

11. Avoid Drinking Beer

For those of you who are on this one diet and really like beer, as soon as possible avoid and ignore this drink. Because besides beer contains a lot of sugar in the fermentation process, beer also contains lots of carbohydrates, so it’s not good for your diet. besides that the amount of alcohol in beer will make your stomach bloated. This is because the kidneys cannot completely filter the drink properly so that there will be swelling of the kidneys caused by bubbles that lodged in the kidneys. So for those of you who are on the ketogenic diet, to get maximum results avoid these drinks.

12. Exercise Regularly

The next Ketogenic Diet method is to exercise regularly. In addition to paying attention to intake in your diet, you are advised to do light exercise regularly. You can do small movements that are simple and easy to do at any time. This will support the process of the ketogenic diet that you live. By doing light exercise regularly, the fat burning process in your body will be helped. That way it will be more effective and efficient.

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13. Avoid Mixing Water, Lemon and Honey

For those of you who are on a ketogenic diet, you are not recommended to drink these drinks. The mixture of water, honey and lemon in this drink will only produce sugar liquid. That is because the substances contained in honey are all dissolved together with water, so that only the sugar content remains. So this is the same as you drink sugar water. And sugar is not recommended for those of you who are on the ketogenic diet.

14. Avoid Coffee and Tea

After breakfast or eating most people are accustomed to drinking coffee and tea. For those of you who are on a ketogenic diet, avoid these two types of drinks. Because both of these drinks are a danger of increasing the calories in the food you have consumed. To avoid failure in the diet you live in, you can choose alternative drinks so you don’t add calories to the food you consume. Like mineral water that is very good for the continuity of your ketogenic diet.

15. Consuming High Fatty Meat

Meat is one of the foods you should consume when you go on the ketogenic diet. Especially choose high-fat meat when you go on this diet, you also do not need to worry about its existence because high-fat meat is very easy to find. The high level of fat in the meat you consume is very good for the continuity of your diet. This will not make your stomach distended, you can bake it or boil it with spices. That will make it even more enjoyable.

16. Avoid consuming excessive fruit

This one suggestion is indeed very controversial, in fact the fruit is indeed the best source of nutritious nutrition. But the fruit also contains lots of sugar. As proof, when you try apples, grapes or oranges it must taste sweet. The sugar contained in these fruits is very bad for the type of ketogenic diet that you live with. This can lead to failure of your diet.

17. Consumption of Yogurt

The next way the ketogenic diet is by consuming yogurt. Yogurt is fermented milk processed so that it contains good fat. So for those of you who are on a ketogenic diet, this is highly recommended.

18. Consumption of Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is one of the diet foods that are highly recommended for those of you who are on any diet including the ketogenic diet. With the cooking process baked, fried or steamed with spices this will add to the taste of pleasure.

19. Control of Blood Sugar

The next way is to control your blood sugar regularly. By controlling your blood sugar, you will easily manage your diet and daily diet while you are on the ketogenic diet

20. Consuming Animal Food Resources

When running a ketogenic diet you are highly recommended to consume all types of foods sourced from animals. such as fish, chicken, eggs, meat, milk, seafood etc. with the condition that there is no flour, sugar, soy sauce in the processed process. So you should look at your food while on the ketogenic diet.

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