19 Birthday Cake Sister

Actually the birthday cake is made of sponge cake or tart wrapped in colorful butter cream and tastes sweet. For delicious cakes, of course you need a soft sponge cake with enough flavor and maturity. The shape of the cake can be round or square. You can also prepare stacked sponge cake if there are many invitations.
After the sponge cake is ready, coat it with pink butter cream so that there is an impression of the woman. You can also vary the colors to be more cheerful, for example there are blue, yellow, pink, peacock, and so on. So there is a cheerful impression that suits the world of girls. After the bottom layer of the cake is finished, it is time to decorate the cake to make it more interesting. There are several choices in decorating, for example by using cream butter which is inserted into a triangular plastic and end mold to make various shapes and writings.
A beautiful ornate cake cannot be missed when celebrating a birthday. Both boys and girls will love cakes that match their character. This time we make a picture of a special sister’s birthday cake for the baby at home.
I brought this, I give some examples of pictures of my sister’s birthday cake. I hope you are inspired.

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